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    Tony Montana

    wondering where we can get an independent ‘autopsy’ done on a failed lift drive unit. Its the 3rd time one has failed and we’ve been told required a replacement over the last 6 years. Quite Costly. How can we be sure its been serviced correctly?



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    Happy Strata

    We have used lift consultants to come and in and inspect our lift system after a major issue. 

    They identified that the lift service company was not fixing all the items, and were trying to bill us for items that under their contract should really be there responsibility. We now engage the same firm once a year or so do a check and make sure we keep them on the straight and narrow. 

    We spoke with four companies that do this and settled on one we have been very happy with. Please private message me if you would like the details.  


    I just did a search of “retired lift engineer” in Linkedin and several names came up including retired engineers and consultants. That could be a starting point?

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