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    I am a commitee member in 8 block unit QLD

    I would like to put a vote to all owners to get carpets replaced

    I have quotes and would like to present to committee members

    how should I go about getting a motion (vote) for carpets without having to wait another 12 months for AGM ?

    and if a no vote is passed is there any thing more I can do ?

    or is it just majority rules ?

    what to do when common sence does not provial?

    there is no reasonable reason to wait for replacement carpets (plenty of money in the sinking fund, the carpets are old and dirty and look very warn)


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    Replacing worn carpets is a decision that can be made by the committee – it’s maintenance, not a change to common property or an improvement. The relevant website says this: “A body corporate must maintain the common property in a good and structurally sound condition.”

    Of course, “good condition” is a variable concept, but worn carpet can present a trip/fall risk and that would be reason enough for replacing it.

    Presumably your committee has meetings, so you should write to the secretary and ask that a motion to replace the carpets be included on their next agenda.

    If they don’t have meetings between AGMs, ask that they call one to consider this.

    If they refuse to call the meeting or have the meeting and refuse to replace the carpets, you can seek orders via the tribunal system.

    You start with a request for conciliation HERE.

    If that fails, you can seek adjudication – starting HERE.

    Good luck.



    the carpets cost over the amount of a committee decition  in QLD $200 per lot 8 lots = $1600 carpets have been quoted at $4500


    needs to be a decition from everyone in the block

    so where to I proceed from here to call a vote ? I believe it can be done without calling an extraordinary meeting, and I dont want to have to wait untill next years AGM to get the process started

    I allready have information from committee members that although they have agreed to bring it up for next years budget they have no intention of replacing the carpet (overhead conversation in the stairwell)

    also I am trying to work out how to search adjudication orders for QLD starata community – do you know how to do a search ? I cant work it out – I can only sort cases either by time/or communitee name?

    thanks I,m really interested in searching these files

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