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    Living as I do in a building that won an international architectural award for sustainability features in its design – many of which never made it off the drawing board – I may be a bit sensitive to environmental plans that never see the light of day. There’s many a slip between what’s promised and what’s …

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    Sir Humphrey

    Whereas 20 years ago it might have made sense to heat pool water directly with flat plate solar heat collectors, it might now make more sense to fill the roof with solar PV electricity generation and then use heat pumps closer to the pool to heat the water. When the pool water is up to temperature, the electricity generation can be running other things such as ventilation and lighting of an underground carpark, corridor lighting, lifts etc. Any excess generation can be exported to receive a feed-in tariff (FIT). The FIT might not be much these days but it is better than nothing.
    If you have a gas-fired, reticulated hot water system for the block, the solar PV could be running heat pumps to replace that gas for a substantial saving to owners.

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