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    I’d like to welcome our newest sponsors Havencab to the Forum.  I invited Havencab’s head honcho Fank Boross to join us after hearing him talk about their ‘green’ cleaning initiative.

    I’ll let them explain in their own words: 

    Green cleaning is a specialised field that Havencab has been providing for the past 3 years.  We are one of the first companies in the commercial sector and the first in the strata sector to provide this service.  All our new and large developments are cleaned with this process.  Our staff are trained by Lennox institute through the accredited and Government recognised Green R Clean program.  Supervisors and Management have all completed the Management Green course as well.  Havencab provide sustainable and green cleaning through the following ways:

    • Chemical Free Cleaning – Micro-fiber & Electrolysed water technology
    • Machinery Selection – Ec-H20 scrubbers / sidewinder tools for water blasters that save 70% water
    • Aqua Mop with water container – Micro-fiber and reduced water usage 33,000L in a 7 storey commercial building
    • Waste and Recycled Management – turning waste into electricity
    • Centralized Recycling stations for commercial buildings on each floor
    • No plastic waste bins next to desks in commercial buildings -save initial purchase costs and no plastic bags in bins
    • Hepta filters in vacuum cleaners to improve air-quality for clients
    • Supervisors to use scooters and staff to walk or cycle to work
    • Only use chemicals that have been certified by Environmental choice Australia
    • Carbon offset for all travel

    Contact us and we can walk you through a building to show you the many advantages and savings and how you can help save the environment.

    You can find out more about Havencab by clicking on their ad at the top of the page.

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