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    HI- I live in an older building- 1950s/60s. I’m on the ground floor. I have floorboards- they are the original. I am in the Eastern Suburbs- Sydney

    Issue 1: Floorboards are squeaky

                Some appear to be lifting along the beam.

    I think this problem has increased since we had our piers lifted by the injection of foam by URETEK in an attempt to decrease building cracks.

    Questions: What is the strata’s responsibility re fixing this?

                    Can anyone recommend a company to inspect and quote re repairs?

    Issue 2: Heating and cooling escapes through the floorboards.

    You can walk under my building. The floorboards are exposed, i.e. there is no insulation. The ground below is soil/dirt. Even with a gas heater running I can feel the cold at floor level- even above carpet.

    Question: Is it normal for there to be no insulation in the building?

                   Does the strata have any liability/responsibility?

                   I have found a product- expol used for underfloor insulation- would the strata be liable for this or would this be at my expense?

    thanks, Tiny

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