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    Our AGM in a Sydney block of 42 is coming up. Myriad problems exist here, in my view, ranging from lack of transparency, lack of probity, pet-projects, apathy of owners, faceless and rusted on Strata Committee, Strata Manager who acts like a gate-keeper and does sweet F A…

    A couple of these issues are lifestyle-altering in a bad way, also with significant sums of money involved.

    Try not to judge me please, I’ve been around a long time and been on committees before. How can I (to quote John Lennon 🙂 throw a Spaniard in the works; stop the rot, change the status quo and get things sorted out? It’s bound to be painful, I know.


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    First of all, get all the email addresses of the other owners who don’t live in the building.

    Then create a “ticket” of owners willing to get on to the committee with the intention of effecting change.

    Then create a calm and logical document listing all the issues that are demonstrably affecting the building negatively.

    Highlight any issue where you can clearly show that they are costing owners money.

    DON’T, if you can possibly avoid it, make it personal.  As soon as you start attcking people by name or by their role in the committee you will lose votes by the truckload.

    Send your list of issues and the names of your action group to all the owners and ask for their support at the AGM.

    If need be, organise proxy clusters so that votes aren’t wasted by too many proxy votes going to people who are over their limit

    If you don’t have the support of other owners, don’t waste your time and energy pursuing this.

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