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    hi we self manage our 4 units for over 20 years, noone wants to do anything so it left up to me with some help from another, been good so far, but had few issues with one 7 year owner but that got sorted i think, but we sent out all forms for nominations and motions to be sent back before 6/9 they came back bar one unit but contacted him as hes away and its his rental, heard nothing so assumed like every year we use his proxy he sends to us,

    so we set up motions and agm date and sent all out and then told 2 week later on the 13/9 new owner of unit 2 and they demand we cancel agm as they need to vote and nominate and want to see out books and minutes as they cant vote till they see these.

    we were advised by BCCM that to give them the forms for agm and motions but they cant bring any more motions up as agm set and they were not the owners when we put out nominatons or motions that we knew of till they notified us ,

    we hear so many rules etc and am thinking of throwing it in as the email we got were so abrupt and they have even met us, what do we do, meet them and show what we have as we are only 4 units and only expense is lawns mowed every month and gutters cleaned every year and fees going in 4 times a year and insurance takes nearly all that.

    is it suppose to nbe this hard to self manage and do these new owners expect to much from a small lot of units please help we got to get a break soon in all this is getting to much and feel sorry for the old pensioner in one unit treasurer since day one,

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