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    (10 unit class B complex in the ACT)

    In the past we have had a very uninvolved set of owners and a non-existent Executive Committee (Strata Committee). This may have contributed to one owner deciding not to pay levies (for almost 2 years) and a very rapidly escalating debt recovery bill (which will eventually be paid in full by the defaulting owner but has already consumed OC funds).

    I am trying persuade fellow owners that it is really important for us to be involved in the AGM and the Executive Committee but most are saying things like:

    it’s too complex, scary, or stressful
    it’s not important
    it’s someone else’s problem
    we are paying a professional Strata Manager to look after these issues
    we can resolve all issues at the 55 minute AGM

    Do people have:

    horror stories that can flow from Owners not being actively involved
    good stories due to owners being informed and actively involved
    pointers to brief guides for how owners can be involved
    other helpful advice

    Thanks in anticipation,

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    Almost every post on the Flat Chat forum pertains to problems with owners not being adequately involved. If you want horror stories just read through some of them! What you really need are some suggestions to remedy your dysfunctional OC. In many cases money talks, so prepare a schedule of issues in your complex costing owners money though non-action i.e non payment of levies, as well as quotes and recommendations (perhaps from a legal firm in the case of levies) for a remedy.  Circulate the schedule. Then see if anything transpires from there. Sounds like your complex needs an agitator for change and you are the likely one. If you think the Strata Manager is a slacker, then get some quotes from other agencies and move a motion at the next AGM to change management. Even if the motion to change managers isn’t passed, your present manager may lift their game and improve performance.  Why not firstly have a conversation with your present manager about your issues of concern and see if they are in your corner over these?

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