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    We are  having trouble getting rid of our strata managers. I now have the votes from owners to change management, I got a quote from new strata company, advised to submit motion to AGM for new management, now that submissions are closed strata managers state we have a contract that expires next year, that we have to give them three months notice to get rid of them and hold a EGM to do it!

    Firstly I’m pretty sure there is no signed contract – still waiting to see a copy of this! The contract from last year’s AGM is not signed and contract date states “1 year + 1 year + 1 year”.

    So if this is the contract they are talking about it holds non of the above conditions !

    They are lying and manipulating us ! How do we get rid of them! Do we have to hire a lawyer to extracate our BC from these people!?

    The Property is on QLD and the strata managers are in NSW.

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    One interesting aspect of this is whether this comes under NSW law or Queensland’s. My first thought is to check with the SCA to see if the NSW strata management company is a member and ask for their help.

    Or you could even ask the new strata manger to get on the blower and tell them to do the right thing, as a professional courtesy.

    Your biggest challenge is going to be getting your  documents back from the NSW strata manager but they are not permitted to keep them once they have been sacked.

    This is a real mess and a good reason for never committing to cross-border contracts.

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