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    My partner and I have recently become home owners in Victoria (we bought a villa unit, one of eight). The property didn’t have a formal owners corporation.


    Recently, other units at our address have changed hands. Some of the new owners are pushing the notion that we need to/should create an owners corporation. So I’m busy trying to understand the relevant issues.


    First off the bat, do we legally need to have an owners corporation? I’m assuming No we don’t.


    Secondly, can an informal collection of owners legally take care of the issues that normally fall to an owners corporation? (from my point of view, these issues fall into two categories (A) insurance and (B) maintenance).


    Any opinions or help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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    Did you have a strata search carried out before you purchased the unit ? This would have uncovered the status of the strata scheme and the history of the property.

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    If your subdivision is strata there should be an OC.

    So you may well have an OC, it’s just that in Victoria, for horizontal type stratas with no common property and with building insurance passed to lot owners, the OC can be effectively dormant if it chooses.  For these types of OCs there are usually no regular cost issues.

    If you’d like to find out if an OC exists, go to Landata:


    Just typing in your address with give the information about if a Plan of Subdivision and an OC exist.

    If there is an OC, get with other owners and have a meeting if you choose. 

    The OC Act still applies.

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