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    I am a new unit owner for a strata property in Armadale, Melbourne.

    Looking at the accounts we are spend over a $1,000 a year for 4 on site audit of safety compliance.

    4 audits a year seems excessive. You need at least 1 audit a year. What is the recommended number of audits a year ?

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    Depends on what you mean by ‘audit’ I think.

    In my large scheme, NSW,  we have monthly, six monthly and yearly ‘inspections’ – as per our AFSS requirements. Any defects found during there inspections are reported to SM/SC for attention – but most do not get attended to until the AFSS is due.

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    If there is a managing agent and you are an owner, they are best people to consult; or perhaps ask a neighbour.

    A yearly inspection in my experience, unless someone has an alarm going off inadvertently. The sum mentioned seems modest if it covers four visits . Perhaps a typo?  Or if fire compliance hasn’t been done for a while, the building may be undergoing a check for the local council as the result of a fire order in view. If you are an owner, it’ may be up to you to look into this more closely. 


    One audit is sufficient usually. This may depend on what is being checked, audit is a pretty broad term, it could mean a range of things.

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