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    We’ve been over this a hundred times before but it’s worth reiterating for newcomers to the website: Don’t scatter your complaints across the forums thinking that will get you better responses.

    If you want to come back and add to a post you’ve already sent, just hit reply to your own post.

    And if you think multiple posts in different sub forums will get you more attention – it will … but it’s the kind of attention you don’t want.  And it will only confuse readers so you might not get any answers at all.

    I mention this because this week I had one person post different parts of the same question in three different sub-forums.  I have pulled them all together (because I’m not THAT strict) but it seems worth reminding people that there are rules for this website.

    Another flaw in these posts was that the poster used his own name (then proceeded to accuse his strata manager of being in some way biased in favour of friendly owners).  Does the word “defamation” ring a bell?

    So, welcome newcomers.  Now, just as a courtesy, take the time to read some of the posts HERE that will tell you what to do and what not to do to get the maximum benefit from your questions.

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