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    Our building of 8 units (in NSW) was built circa 1930s.  Many of the units have been renovated to allow space for a washing machine in the kitchen.  Some units haven’t and residents put their private washing machines in the shared laundry.  And many, while having space internally for a washing machine, don’t have space for a dryer, so we’ve got 5 dryers in the shared laundry.  The power points are communal so the electricity to run all of these machines is paid for by strata.

    What options are available to change from this shared electricity situation to one of user pays.  I know it used to be common to have individual power points allocated to apartments and tenants would use a padlock to prevent others from using their power.  Is that still done?  Or are there more modern technology solutions?  What are they – I don’t know where to begin to find out what options are available.

    And if there are no technology options to have actual electricity used charged to individual units, what else can we do to have users pay for the electricity they use for their washers and/or dryers.

    Thank you!

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