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    Just over a week ago, 7.30 on the ABC reported on the “secret” rent scam of high-rise buildings being infested with over-crowded apartments and the scandalous gaps in the law that protect the guilty.

    Of course, regular readers of this column will know that this is no secret – we’ve been banging on for years about over-crowded apartments and the ‘proxy harvesting’ that allows this to happen.

    Premier Barry O’Farrell was well and truly ambushed by the report – he was in the studio to talk about his first 100 days – while the people who should have had some answers were missing in action.  Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts was ‘unavailable’ and the director of the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal was saying nothing.

    The Premier said his government would maybe look at perhaps bringing NSW into line with other states after possible public consultation. A very “iffy” response, although what else could he say at short notice?

    So let me get the consultation ball rolling, Mr O’Farrell.  Within 20 years, half the people in this state will be living in strata, so you need to get cracking.  But there are some simple steps you can take right now.

    Firstly, wipe the clause in the Strata Act that doesn’t allow by-laws to interfere with strata owners “dealing” with their property by, for instance, limiting the number of residents they can have in their apartments.

    Then limit the number of proxies any one person can hold and replace them with postal votes on an issue by issue basis.

    Oblige owners corporations to enforce their own by-laws and demand executive committee office bearers  in large buildings either get strata law training or pay professionals to do the job for them.

    And replace the CTTT with something that actually works.

    You can find links to view the ABC report in the original posting HERE.  Meanwhile you can send your thoughts to the Premier on office@premier.nsw.gov.au.

    Jimmy will be answering your questions live on the James Valentine show on ABC 702 on Tuesday, July 26 at 2pm.

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