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    At the moment in our strata of 42 in Sydney there are a few things that need to be attended to. The trees haven’t been trimmed for three years and are causing problems. A couple of rented units have unruly tenants not doing the right thing. People park where they shouldn’t. Regular maintenance like common property cleaning and gardening isn’t up to scratch. And more.

    Every question to the strata manager to whom everything is assigned is met with ‘I can only do what the committee tells me to do’. And the committee don’t like to be spoken to by us peasants and say ‘Speak to the strata manager’.

    It’s seems no good doing this issue by issue. I think I need to get the strata committee to meet and give them a list or something. They never meet; did I mention that? How can I get them to meet, tell them I and others want to. I fully expect such a request to fall on deaf ears. There are 7 of them. Can they be forced to meet and listen to us and get stuff done?

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