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    We have just sold our house to escape Neighbours From Hell and moved into a strata apartment.

    Tonight (a Thursday) a neighbour is having a gathering in their courtyard and their shouting is all through our completely closed up apartment. Can’t even be drowned out by white noise at top volume. It isn’t the first time and my heart is sinking.

    It started around 7:30pm and may be winding down now (about 10:30pm). So it isn’t awfully late but we have a young son who is being kept awake and frankly we just want to do our own thing in our own apartment. Not be forced to be at their party without even getting a drink!

    What’s the best way to approach this problem? We politely asked our former NFH for some neighbourly consideration because we thought that was the right thing to do. We were rewarded with years of malicious noise and abuse. Should we / can we go straight to strata management with this? How do we ensure our complaint is taken seriously?

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