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    Hi! I’m the clueless secretary of a pretty clueless EC in NSW.

    A new strata management contract requires witnessed “affixing of the common seal”, which I understand is a ye olde rubber stamp, currently in possession of the previous manager. We are out of contract now (contract says it ends on a date last month unless extended by request) but the current manager hasn’t followed up (which gives you some idea of how good a manager he is).

    Is there no way to do this digitally and legally? I can create a stamp in Adobe Acrobat that has the required plan# and words. Would that be any less legal to apply?

    Is the actual rubber stamp “the one true stamp, blessed by a vicar and singularly ordained to represent the OC”?


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    (from NSW)

    Thanks scotlandx, new contractor just advised he’ll facilitate this if I just send email notice to the existing manager which I’ve now done. Strange how this and property purchase is so tied up in medieval technology.

    Yes, we held an EGM online … I think it was legit … I’m not aware of a motion passed to allow email voting (not in the available history of gm’s) but I noted a previous EGM arranged by the existing manager allowed voting via a form that was returned by email and listed in previous minutes some owners who were “present by electronic voting” … so it would be weird if current manager refused to accept decision … but I guess we’ll see 🙂


    No you can’t apply the seal digitally, it has to be the common seal of the strata scheme which the current manager has.

    Just tell the current manager to give it to you, you’re the secretary. Then affix it to the agreement and hand it to the new manager. And make sure the current manager hands over all the files.

    I assume you have passed the appropriate resolution to appoint the new manager?


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