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    It’s Boxing Day and I want to box my neighbour’s ears because he’s sanding with a power tool, hammering and drilling on his balcony on an otherwise quiet and peaceful day round here. No notice to neighbours either. (42 unit strata in Mosman.)

    Not to cloud the issue, because I think what he’s doing is inconsiderate and selfish anyhow, one just shouldn’t do it, but we passed a by-law on allowable building hours which the Strata Manager has not registered and there was to be no building noise on Public Holidays.

    To make it worse, this… err… chap…  is on to the Strata Committee and he does what he pleases: washes his car on common driveway where signs rule it out, comes and goes with his dog unleashed, doesn’t pass on important information concerning times of electricity outages where he is the contact person and more.

    What’ll I say next time I see him around? Or should I just go and pour a tin of paint over his red pimped up car?

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