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    I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on our situation.

    We are in a 2 unit strata building, its a old factory and the two units are build inside with a court yard separating the two. 

    So the other unit/house has illegally split their place and rents out the other 1/2 as a 1 bedroom place.

    My question is how does this impact on our combined building insurance, if our places burnt to the ground could the insurance company void our policy because of the illegal subdivide? 


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    I suggest you contact your Local Council in the first instance, as even if the “subdivision” is self-contained, I don’t believe that so-called Granny Flat provisions are Complying Developments in NSW if they involve strata lots; so your neighbour’s works may be illegal from that perspective as well as under the provisions of the Strata Schemes Management Act that relate to changes involving the Common Property of the Owners Corporation.

    Then armed with Council’s advice, contact your building insurers, tell them about Council’s ruling (either way) and ask the question about impacts on your cover.

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