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    We currently have a car in our building that has been parked in a visitors parking space for three weeks. The car belongs to a friend of a tenant. A notice was sent out that the car had to be removed as it is for short term parking only and is stopping other residents visitors from parking there. The tenant told the strata manager that the car is broken down and will be fixed and moved by the weekend. Monday night and the car is still there. What is the next course of action?

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    Flat Chat suggested MOVE IT OR LOSE it flyer helped us in getting such illegally parked cars to move but one must meticulously all the steps given in that Flat Chat post : using A4 sheet, writing offending car’s licence plate number, time and date, taking a picture of the Notice etc.


    Probably the first and easiest thing to do is to print and stick the Flat Chat Move it or Lose It poster to the windshield of the car.

    And have a look at this previous post on the topic¬† … and this one too, for good measure.

    In simple terms, provided you fulfill the requirements in the strata Regulations, you can have the vehicle towed at the car owner’s expense.¬† Our poster has been designed to comply with the Regs provided it is filled in correctly.

    But I reckon it will solve your problem … and all for the cost of a sheet of A4 paper.

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