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    I have a problem.

    Our Strata Committee just published ‘minutes’ via our Strata Manager of a Strata Committee Meeting that was apparently held on site (without the Strata Manager in attendance) a week before Christmas. Four out of seven members attended according to the minutes. These minutes came to me and another interested resident owner by email, they are not on a noticeboard. We are a Sydney strata of 36 apartments.

    The problem is there was no agenda published or circulated ahead of this meeting, either by email or on a noticeboard. Various important and touchy issues were ‘discussed’ though the minutes are fluffy and inconsequential. There are other issues just as important or even more important which could very well have been ‘discussed’ or even action approved.if this was a proper SC meeting.

    Another like-minded resident and I would like to start 2020 off on the right foot and signal our displeasure at this meeting not being properly heralded, issues not canvassed prior, and suggest the meeting was improperly held. What might we do or suggest occurs, please?





    Information on the NSW Office of Fair Trading web page headed Meetings of The Strata Committee suggests notice should have been given to all owners for the SC meeting you mention and ways this should be done. It doesn’t say what to do do if the Strata Committee and / or Strata Manager goes about things in the wrong way. I do hope a clever Flat Chatter knows and weighs in, because we have similar problems where I live all to often.

    Also, I’m sure I’ve read here on Flat Chat and in other places agendas and minutes need to be succinct and it doesn’t sound like they were in your case. Again, what’s to be done?

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    Hi , You don’t say which state you are in.

    Others may know more about this issue. A couple of queries.  Did you attend that meeting, or appoint a trusted proxy.

    On the face of what you say, looks like the strata manager could be in question and need to be held to  account on  details.   Have you asked at the firm about this? Could they be working on skeleton staff at this time?   You could also get to know other owners who may feel the same way you do, or have been at the meeting, and know more.

    Keep in mind also that lots of people are still on holidays, meaning things could be held up for that reason.  Or, sadly, be affected by the bushfires.

    Good luck!


    The question of improperly announced meetings is less significant than the decisions that are made in them.

    Nevertheless, there is a system prescribed by the Act that is there for a reason, mainly so that everyone knows what’s going on and can contribute or object if they wish.

    In the case of the above “improper” meeting, I would be tempted to write to the committee members and strata managers, and say something like this:

    In view of the fact that last month’s meeting was held without due notice or a published agenda as required by the Strata Schemes Management Act of 2015, any decisions made should be considered null and void.

    In future, I would ask the secretary (and strata manager) to ensure that the meetings are properly announced, agendas distributed and proper minutes issued, under the terms of the Act, so that all owners have the opportunity to attend and observe, if they so wish, and that we know what is being discussed about our buildings and can respond accordingly.

    Apart from being good management, this will obviate the need for expensive, time consuming and disruptive challenges at NCAT when significant decisions have been made at improperly conducted meetings.

    I also call on the committee to inform the owners that such oversights will not be repeated in future.

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