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    I have a problem.

    Our Strata Committee just published ‘minutes’ via our Strata Manager of a Strata Committee Meeting that was apparently held on site (without the Strata Manager in attendance) a week before Christmas. Four out of seven members attended according to the minutes. These minutes came to me and another interested resident owner by email, they are not on a noticeboard. We are a Sydney strata of 36 apartments.

    The problem is there was no agenda published or circulated ahead of this meeting, either by email or on a noticeboard. Various important and touchy issues were ‘discussed’ though the minutes are fluffy and inconsequential. There are other issues just as important or even more important which could very well have been ‘discussed’ or even action approved.if this was a proper SC meeting.

    Another like-minded resident and I would like to start 2020 off on the right foot and signal our displeasure at this meeting not being properly heralded, issues not canvassed prior, and suggest the meeting was improperly held. What might we do or suggest occurs, please?




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