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    One of the careless consequences of apartment developers’ cost-savings, especially in many older blocks, has been the single communal water meter that sees your water bills shared on the basis of your unit entitlements, rather than actual usage. That means a single pensioner living in a three-bedroom apartment could be paying more for their water bills …

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    The whirring sound of an instant hot water system is a bit of a giveaway, which makes it obvious that some people in a single water meter strata building thoroughly enjoy their half-hour showers. Those owners are only paying a small part of the water usage charges — the rest of the owners get to subsidise the psychological needs of the cleaner-than-clean owners. The prospect of separate water metering sounds like a great concept to me, as long as it is legally binding.


    regarding the separate water meters.
    a friend was in this situation and was paying for water she never used.
    another resident washed his truck everyday and got free water.
    my friend arranged for a plumber to install individual meters and was lucky to be able to do it.
    her water bill went to nothing and the truck owners went through the roof.
    so it pays to check to see if this an be done.
    I lived alone  in a block of 12 with high entitlement and paid for water I did not use.
    a couple had babies so I was subsidizing them.
    now in a townhouse with separate meters.


    We have individual water meters installed in our apartments by the original builder however Sydney Water will not read them. They only read the main meter which registers the total usage so we have to pay the bills from the Admin Fund which means we are paying by UE’s.


    Meters installed by developers are called check meters, and are not acceptable to (say) Sydney Water for billing purposes.
    Sydney Water, upon request, can change out the non compliant meters ton their own . They do it at no cost to the OC, provided certain conditions are met.

    Have a look at your bylaws, and see whether they mention embedded networks. Water can fall under embedded networks and is less regulated than electricity. If embedded networks are allowed then the OC may be able to read the  check meters and charge on a usage basis.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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