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    We have a low performing Strata Managing Company which causes enormous delay on even minor repair works needing. When tradesmen engaged they will provide 2 x quotes but we found them always extremely expensive compared to us contacting people from eg . Hi-Page..

    Amongst our Owners Corp we have several professional tradesmen who can provide services but again us EC have some concern with conflict of interest etc.  However for real minor repairs or works not requiring any warranty or insurance such as placing signs in our basement drilling and fixing or replacing little tiles on the side of courtyard, we would like to engage our own team of guys with experience to conduct these repairs. Especially comparing to engaging other tradesmen from normal source, including obtaining materials and required tools and considering basic hourly rates the option to utilise inhouse team could prove to be much effective, faster and certainly more economical.  Again we would only consider to engage them in works not requiring warranty and insurance.

    Is there any proper ways to make this happen? If so what would be also some precautions we need to take?

    Has any of you guys have any case like this ?

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    @PeterC said:
    There will always be someone ready to assume the worst and tell everyone about it before getting the facts. 

    Hmm, come to think of it, that sounds a bit like me! Ha!

    Sir HumphreySir Humphrey

    Yes, our examples of minor repairs done by residents have all been voluntary, not paid. If paid, I suggest that the EC would be wise to be very careful to make sure all is very transparent and explicit as arse-covering lest a suspicious and gossipy person runs around spreading rumours of impropriety and fraudulent behaviour. There will always be someone ready to assume the worst and tell everyone about it before getting the facts. 


    If you want to pay people, I guess make sure you get approval for the amounts beforehand, like you would with any other job. I guess in this case you want to also check insurances.

    That said, we have had minor works performed by owners, and they are done on a volunteer basis, with expenses reimbursed upon approval of receipts. This has included painting, new signage (drilling into bricks), additional sealing and replacing doors for common property enclosures, high pressure cleaning of hard surfaces, replacing light globes, etc. Volunteer work (if someone was injured) is covered under our strata plan’s annual insurance. Obviously all of these hence have no warranty/guarantee, but don’t need it for such minor works.

    Sir HumphreySir Humphrey

    Where it is really minor, members of our EC with appropriate skills just do the work ourselves. Eg. We can replace light globes but we don’t do work that would require an electrician. Where someone else has some time, we are happy for the help. Eg. putting another coat of timber oil on the outdoor furniture in our communal BBQ area. 

    A bit of commonsense can determine what repair work does not involve any serious risks. You could do some arse covering by making an explicit resolution of the EC. Eg. To approve Josephine Bloggs to spend up to $50 to purchase timber oil and a brush and re-coat the picnic table, and to be reimbursed on presentation of a receipt to the treasurer. 

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