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    I’ve found a great townhouse in a block of only four, but it’s over four floors – garage in the basement, ground floor with living areas, first floor with bedrooms, and a private roof terrace. All the principal rooms and outdoor areas face due North, so it’s quite a find, despite having dated finishes. However, my creaky knees are only going to get worse, so a chair lift is definitely in my future. It would be contained wholly within my property, and attached either to the stair treads, or the walls of the stairwell.

    Would there be any issues for me in terms of getting approval to have this installed? I realise (per a recent post re stair lifts on common property) that it will potentially impede ease of access to someone using the stairs on foot, and this could be critical in case of a fire, and also that it will make moving furniture in and out more difficult. However, I expect to move all my furniture in at the outset, and live out my days there.

    Is it necessary to get this approved? If I choose to attached the rail of the stair lift to the walls (which may be preferable because the treads are some kind of polished stone which might not take well to drilling), then is it an issue that the wall at the rear of the stairwell is a common wall with the neighbour at the rear?

    Anything else I’ve overlooked? Thanks for the advice.

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