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    We have to move out of our apartment while the body corporate organises building work due to leaks from other parts of the building. What can I expect the body corporate/insurance company to pay to reimburse me for this inconvenience?
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    Sir Humphrey

    If this is work due to an insurable event, ask for a copy of your insurance policy. I think there is usually an amount for temporary accommodation. I am not sure in the case of OC-funded repair and maintenance that requires you to move out. If you have a managing agent that manages lots of properties, they probably have some standard formula they recommend as reasonable so try asking them.


    Just to add to Sir Humphrey’s comments, this should be covered by strata insurance (if at all), so, if you are an owner, your claim should initially be against the owners corporation (body corporate) for the reasonable costs of alternative accommodation and ancillary costs (like removals expenses).

    If you are a tenant, the claim should be made against your landlord who can then take up the matter with the owners corp.

    If the OC or strata manager won’t come to the party and the issue is covered by their strata insurance, you may be able to take it up directly with the insurer.


    Surely wboever told you had to move should have provided the answer at the same time they ask you to move…..!?

    At our scheme – undergoing millions of dollars of repairs – there was an allowance to move owners/tenants for about 6 weeks. The allowance equated to current rent value.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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