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    Due to Covid, I have been looking to rent an apartment to work in and to occasionally stay over in .
    I applied for an apartment and the owner advised that it is against strata bylaws to work from home and has refused the application.
    Do you know if this is being addressed or if in fact it is illegal?
    I would think in these times a lot of people would prefer to work from home,  and that government and business would also encourage it. However strata laws forbid it?

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    Sir Humphrey

    I agree that SX has drawn the correct distinction.


    If it is illegal there are a lot of people breaking the law right now, including me.

    There is a distinction between working from home in an apartment and running a business from an apartment. That is – you can’t run Zumba classes in an apartment, or have a business that has numerous clients coming and going from the apartment (there are degrees there). A range of considerations apply to running a business including council regulations and liability insurance. Bear in mind that a tenancy agreement may specifically prohibit running a business from an apartment (or a house).

    But if you are just sitting in an apartment working on a computer and having Zoom meetings, you are not doing anything illegal. That is working from home, not running a business.









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