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    Dr Cathy Sherry* of UNSW law faculty would  be very interested in anyone’s thoughts on apartment building lockdowns with police and security guard enforcement.

    “I am very much in favour of the public health orders, masks and lockdowns, but I am not sure what I think of the response to apartment lockdowns. No one in low-rise housing is policed when they have to stay at home (to my knowledge).

    “I realise that people leaving an apartment requires them to use lifts and go through lobbies which is clearly a risk ,but no more than people being inside shopping centres and workplaces (if they have to be physically present at work). It seems a little bit like an ‘apartments are weird, dangerous places’ response. If anyone has time, I would be interested to know what you think.”

    If you have any thoughts, respond right here.

    *Dr Sherry is an associate professor at UNSW and author of Strata Title Property Rights: Private governance of multi-owned properties (Routledge, UK, 2017)

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