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    Hi flat chat,

    I’m in NSW and sometimes I get confused as the role of strata and where there interests and representation lie etc..

    To me on face value, they represent the requests and wants to the Owners corporation of the strata plan/building they have a contract with(the OC of that building or strata plan, that the strata agency manage and have a contract with)…

    And they liaise with the strata plan strata committee to manage the building effectively..

    In other words they are not a “voice or a lawyer” for residents in that specific strata plan number so to speak etc, merely just a messenger for residents if they have any complaints about say common property matters in the building that the residents live in etc..

    Just wanted to raise this, as sometimes I get confused about the role of strata agencies within a building and the type of professional relations they have with residents in the buildings they have a contract to manage…


    Cheers, Matt.

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