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    Hi there,(NSW strata law stuff):

    I’m in NSW.. High rise apartment building(20 floors)..

    50 yr old apartment building, all laundry facilities are common property(washing machine/dryer) each floor…

    Basically with many children moving into the building/and adults as well of varying levels of health in the building(good health/bad health), I have concerns about communal washing facilities that are cold water operated not hot water… Spread of diseases such as e-coli/or Hepatitis etc and other medical problems can spread via communal washing machines…

    Plus the irresponsible use of washing machines that often happens in communal washing machines..

    Hot water would be fast more sanitary and hygienic.. Thing is though is Costs$.. How much would it cost to instal hot water tanks for the Building so each of the twenty floors would have hot water as option for the communal washing machines… Installing my own washing machine in my apartment aint an option due to space.. Im an owner.

    But I imagine a levy would have to be raised by the OC and all OC members(eighty odd owners in the building) would have to pay for this common property instillation.. Only thing is, how much would it cost?

    But I have serious hygiene concerns about cold water washing machines etc for a communal washing facility…








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