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    I am hoping that strata will cover a leaking shower recess in my unit. Plumber inspected yesterday and will send his report to Strata.

    I am hoping  this will form part of their responsibilities and rectify – my question is as an approx 40 year old unit that has  internal painted brick walls, if the accept liability, will their insurance cover the damage to adjacent room eg flooring and robes and drying out  repainting of walls that have been damaged from this issue.

    Also do they rectify to current building standards eg, full water proofing of shower walls and shower recess floor and retiling, or just waterproofing recess and minimal tiling and I end up with a rainbow tiled shower as I am sure they wont match tiles.


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    If it’s the original bathroom then the waterproofing is the responsibility of the OC. No if’s buts or maybes.

    You can get details of the insurance policy just by asking the strata manager or the secretary. It’s a document of the OC and hence you are entitled to it.

    You can lodge the claim yourself , even if the strata manager tells you otherwise.

    Strata insurance policies often include cover for owners fixtures and fittings, so your stuff may be claimable. Don’t expect to get replacement cost back as most policies take into account the depreciated value of fixtures and fittings.

    Since the leakage is covered by insurance, the cost should not be an issue to the OC. The only cost to them is the excess.
    In my opinion  a way to ensure the repair is not done on the cheap is to let the insurance company find the tradesman and get it repaired by them. Since it is common property you have less say as to how it’s repaired.


    ‘Thank you for the reply.

    Yes it is the original bathroom.

    When the  plumber tested, it was leaking from recess on internal wall side  of shower recess,  due to defective waterproofing,  and hence damage to adjoining Bedroom, my recently installed robe is swollen as melamine constructi0n and carpet is wet and mouldy, and bed wall will need repainting due to moisture- my insurer had been out prior to plumbers viewing, and their report was remove  robe and carpet and replace due to mould and water damage,  and repaint wall, – my insurer obviously declined my claim upon receipt of plumbing report stating waterproofing defective and wall tiles even cracking due to moisture underneath them,  so hence I just feel its OC responsibility  to rectify more than recess as they have accepted liability,  and if this waterproofing did not leak my contents would not be damaged, whether it is an internal wall or not.   They have sent out trades to quote repair, so not sure if they just will go the cheapest quote or I have a choice, but as it is my first time owning property its all new to me, I just am so frustrated that it could be left to me to be out of pocket and something I cannot honestly afford as it more than just be the shower recess and one row of tiles to be fixed,  the whole walls will need drying out, waterproofing, and tiled again to have a usuable shower again.

    Will OC usually be forthcoming in giving me their insurer details,  so I can see if I can lodge a claim with them


    A tricky situation

    Is it the original bathroom.? If it is then it’s likely the responsibility of the OC. However I doubt that after 40 years it is the original bathroom.

    Is there a bylaw in place for renovation of YOUR bathroom.? If there is see if it says who is responsible for the waterproofing

    It sounds like the leakage is through your internal wall. Any leakages through internal walls are generally the responsibility of the lot owner.
    Don’t try and blame the OC. Waterproofing often fails due to age and not neglect of maintenance by the OC. You’ll get more sympathy from them by appealing to their sense of compassion.

    And be careful of the conclusions of the plumbers reports. They are plumbers and their report should just detail what failed, how it failed and the location of the failure.

    Only someone familiar with strata law and your bylaws can make a call as to who pays for the repairs.

    As a lot owner you can make a claim directly to the OC insurer. They may or may not pay out your claim, but it’s worth a try.

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