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    I have mould in my home.  The owners corporation caused leaks into my home in 2011.  I have NCAT orders from January 2017 to “fix immediately”.  We had a terrible strata committee and were forced to apply for a compulsory strata manager.  We wanted to keep the SM we had and if that had happened our woes would be over.  NCAT chose someone else.

    The CSM recognises he must fix my leaks however, he has had this position for 13 months and during that time when the water came in to my home all he said was “mitigate your losses”.  Not once did he say he would send someone over to dry the slab and the carpet.

    In shear exasperation in July last year I went to the press.  10 days later those leaks were temporarily fixed, prior to that the CSM was saying a temporary fix was not possible.

    The temporary fix made the leaks worse and near impossible to catch as the water now runs down my wall.  My carpet now gets sodden.

    At my expense I engaged a company to test for mould in my home.  The result “High levels of fungal hyphae were detected – the presence of fungal hyphae is indicative of recent active mould growth and therefore constitutes a <u>potential health hazard</u>”.

    I sent the report to the CSM and asked him to accommodate me elsewhere until my home is remediated of mould and retested and found to be safe to live in.

    The CSM has only approved the removal of the mouldy carpet.

    The CSM has not responded to my email about remediation and retesting and it is my firm belief that he will let me live in this unhealthy environment despite his obligation to do otherwise.

    What should I do?  Thanks.

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