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    I am currently renting and have moved into a new place. As the transition was happening the PM asked me to ask the maintenance guy to check the pipe. I thought she meant the kitchen pipe. I was wrong – she meant the bathroom.

    So the maintenance guy returned and fixed the bathroom basin pipe leak. However, a few weeks later the leak returned underneath the bathroom basin. (It may have been in a different area from the previous. This is something I need to record next time.)

    Anyhow the maintenance guy found a cable tie wrapped around the pipe! The leak stopped but the smell lingers. The PM has said to use essential oils to clear the smell. I have sent her a picture re: the one I will upload here and as a record of this issue for myself.

    The maintenance guy suggested I get a broom and sweep some of the small tiny wood out. Finally, I had to chuck out some items in the basin cupboard due to the smell lingering.

    Update:  maintenance guy saying there was no smell when he was here. PM has not said anything else. Constructive feedback would be appreciated. : ) 

    I am having problems uploading the picture of the problem. 

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