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    Hi there, is there a government incentive for the installation of LED lighting with motion sensors in unit block parking areas? Having done a bit of research replacing existing ‘fluro tubes’ with sensor LED’s a strata can save about 50% on the energy consumption used on lighting in common area covered car parking. Thanks   

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    I don’t think there is a government cash incentive (although I may be wrong) because switching to LED lighting is going to save you money anyway. Surely that’s incentive enough, even without the social benefits of reducing carbon emissions.

    Strata committees often confuse the idea that doing things that are environmentally responsible must come at a cost.  Switching to LED lights and motion sensors does involve a capital cost but that is paid off within two or three years and then becomes a major ongoing saving.

    Have a look at the Green Strata website and at this government fact sheet which is mostly directed towards commercial properties but applies to strata schemes just the same.

    If your strata committee would like to make the changes but doesn’t have the money, look at getting a loan from someone like our sponsors Lannock.

    Finally, if you are in City of Sydney your Owners Corp may be able to apply for a free audit of your energy costs which will give you a clear idea of where and how you can make savings under.  Unfortunately you have just missed this year’s application for the Smart Green Apartment intake, but there’s always next year,

    If you live elsewhere, your local council might have a similar program. For instance, Willoughby Council is very active in this area, and yours may be too.

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