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    We have just received a form 15 Adjudication Application. We are only three units, one owner has written the submission. We would like to get a lawyer to do  our submission, we are in Brisbane. We would love any advice or does anyone know a local lawyer. The other owners don’t speak English so it is going to be up to us. 

    The owner who has done the complaints has asked for about ten things to be done to his place alone. One of them being water proofing of subteranean walls where there never was any. While there are exclusive use areas there were no bylaws written up exactly how these exclusive use areas had to be cared for. They were done in 1990. I don’t want to get into too much detail. This man has been relentless since buying the place, calling all sorts of meetings, sending committee members about 10 emails a day. Everyone is just tired and do not have the time to do up the submission.

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    @annmb said:
    I don’t want to get into too much detail. 

    And that’s exactly whee the devil lies. Google “strata lawyers Brisbane” and you will be presented with a variety of options, many of whom have customer reviews attached.

    Oh, and the thing to do with online reviews is to ignore the best one (probably written by someone in the company) and the worst (most likely written by a rival) and average out the rest.


    annmb, are the requests valid? Just because walls were not originally waterproofed, doesn’t mean that they aren’t causing a problem than needs to be rectified. And if you have no by-laws allocating reponsibilities for caring for exclusive use common property, then maybe you need to create some so that this owner has a framework to work within (he won’t want to spend his own money fixing common property, then being hit with a bill for the same work in the exclusive use areas for the other owners).

    Personally, If I was trying to get something done and wasn’t getting anywhere because one owner doesn’t speak English and the other owner is “just tired and do not have the time” then I would be heading to Adjudication as well.

    Sorry, I have no experience with QCAT so cannot answer your actual question, but someone else here will jump in, I’m sure.

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