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    I live in a small  Company Title building .  Our previous management company was taken over about 18 months ago by a larger firm.  I continued using the same biller code on their Deft payment systems – and paid my quarterly levy of $871.32  to it.
    However, the August financial statement from the strata management firm showed I was in arrears. They said no payment had been received and that their biller code was different.
    Two weks ago I lodged  a request with St George Bank Bondi Junction for a recall of this sum. This week I received a letter from St George Bank saying the biller declined to repay the money.
    The letter advised me to contact the biller directly – but did not identify who they were!
    The Bank in Bondi Junction said they couldn’t help me further. Can you please advise me how to proceed from here.
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    You can find the biller for a BPay code on the BPay website. Just put in the code and it will tell you who the biller is, or was.

    However, if your previous management company was taken over by your current management company, that suggests that the previous company no longer exists, or has been absorbed into the current management company. If you used the old biller code then it should have either been rejected or it has been received by the current company in some way or another. I suggest you call the current management company and ask them.



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