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    At our last AGM, I called for a new Capital Works Plan update as it was due and the old one  had glaring deficiencies as I could see.

    It was professionally done with my assistance as I know my building and all its current and future likely problems.

    The report has come back and as I suspected, the capital works component of the the overall levies was far too low.

    The report suggests the increase to be at such a level that the quarterly rates for everyone would double.

    As you could imagine, I know full well the residents will not agree to such even if I presented them with the facts.

    In the end, I think I just have to leave the rates as they are-or at least a little increase- and just strike  a special levy

    each time a big ticket item needs repair.

    I can’t see any other way as I know people wont cop their rates doubling.

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