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    Hi FC Friends,

    I’m new to the Forum 🙂

    We recently bought a unit in an older building and are undergoing a major renovation. Upon completion of the demolition work, we discovered that the magnesite under the carpet is showing signs of water damage. The flooring specialist who conducted the inspection strongly advised to have the magnesite removed as it could impact the installation of the floating floor and, more importantly, can lead to concrete cancer if not treated correctly. We received a quote for the removal of the magnesite, the concrete spalling assessment, and the floor leveling.

    We have raised this issue with the Owners Corporation, but they are forcing us to cover the expenses ourselves or to lay the new floating floor on top of the existing magnesite, which the flooring specialist has advised against.

    I have a few questions:

    1) Should the removal of the magnesite be covered by the Owner Corporation given that it is considered common property?

    2) Can this matter be resolved at a Committee meeting or do we need to have Strata Management involved?

    3) If the Owners Corporation doesn’t want to cover the cost of the repair, can we still carry out the work or do we need a by-law to proceed since the magnesite is considered common property?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Flame Tree

    Big call for your committee to instruct you to interfer with common property. Essentially without their ok/involvement you could make a total mess and then they will fight you or all the other owners will need to pay for it if its goes wrong later. Or if you wont be there forever just do it all yourself on the basis its probably going to be ok, you hope. If thats the route you take id get it in writing from suppliers, contractors and also have your committee sign it off to cover your tail if it does go wrong.

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