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    Hi, Our building manager is also the letting agent who only  maintains common property gardens around the pool area and  where his tourist clients sees. He steadfastly refuses to maintain the large area common property gardens in the streetfront of the complex where two  businesses are situated (one cafe). Even when numerous requests for garden works and complaints have been sent regards neglect of the gardens, dead trees and garden debris It is a mess.  The Strata Manager and Strata Committee  support the building manager (as all committee members make money as clients from his letting business.)  The landlord and tenants have put motions to the strata committee notice but the secretary will not put them onto the notice. It has become a residential against commercial mentality. What is our next step??

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    I would be having a quiet word with the manager, pointing out that what he is doing is a clear conflict of interest and if he doesn’t start looking after the whole building – rather than just the bits from which he earns commissions –  you will be applying to NCAT for the compulsory appointment of a strata manager, whose first job will be to farewll the existing strata manager and whose second act may well be to see if the building manager/rental agent is fulfilling his duties as per the contract.

    Or you could get a strata lawyer to write a letter to that effect.  Or you could click on the link to our new sponsors Strata Answers and see if they can help.

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