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    I dutifully put these posters up in my (Sydney) building the other day. Today, on returning from errand and seeing a resident in the stairwell/lobby unmasked, I took another look at the poster (printed at A4 size).

    When viewed in place from a short distance, i.e. too far to really read any of the test, I realised the poster is not very well designed. The graphic looks, for want of a better word, “industrial” – like, say, a tradie wearing a dust mask. It doesn’t look like something aimed at residents of a domestic building. If I were passing by, it wouldn’t jump out as something immediately relevant to me.

    And the key message (“wear a mask in common areas”) is too small and can’t be read unless you’re relatively close. I can see how this poster might easily be ignored or, at the very least, not be psychologically compelling to ordinary people going about their apartment building. I realise they government wants to make it look “official” but I really think the design could have been done much better in order to maximise attention/awareness/compliance.


    Try this one from the Strata Covid 19 Toolkit:


    Or this one, also from the Toolkit.



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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