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    A licensed compulsory strata manager was appointed in February 2018.  Her husband has called a meeting to discuss repairs and maintenance issues which have been ignored for 29 years by the other lot owner who closed down the owners corporation in 1995 by not holding AGM’s, closed bank accounts, stopped collecting levies and made no repairs and maintenance to the property.

    I bought my lot in 2012 and have been trying ever since to return the strata plan to be governed by the Strata Schemes Management Act.

    The husband used to work for the builders of the two villas and now runs a pool cleaning company.  If he is to be the go to person in his wife’s strata management business would he also have to hold a current strata manager’s license?

    The proposed meeting is just called a meeting.  Would this meeting be considered to be an extraordinary general meeting of the owners corporation?  If so, it would have to adhere to the formalities of adhering to all EGM/AGM procedures such as past minutes, agenda, etc.

    I would appreciate your professional opinion on this matter.

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    I don’t know about professional opinion but you can have my opinionated layman’s view.

    Any decision that is made at a meeting that hasn’t followed the correct procedure of agendas and notices has no validity and can be challenged at NCAT.

    I suspect by now you’ll have sorted all this out, but if not, insist things are done by the book.

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