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    I am on our building’s executive committee and and we recently had our AGM at which all our motions were passed.


    It should have been a straight forward meeting lasting less that an hour but instead it lasted 3 hours!


    The two hours of extra time was almost entirely due to only one owner who insisted on objecting to every single thing the chairman said and then rudely interjecting when anybody else spoke as well as calling for poll votes when the vast majority of support (over 75%) was clearly with us.


    The atmosphere at the meeting became quite hostile and tense with several loud calls for the interjector to just “shut up”.


    This same person also attends most of our executive committee meetings and caries on with the same antics there.


    Nobody on the committee and most other owners do not want another year of this nonsense.


    Is there any action we can take such as banning her from attending meetings?
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