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    Last night was our AGM , we have 8 units and one owner had 2 proxys…. I declared this was invalid at the commencement of the meeting .

    The strata manager plus also an owner who is a strata manager elsewhere in Sydney said I was incorrect , (obviously I was correct due to recent law changes ) but the fact was unbeknown to them and I felt intimidated by being told I was clearly wrong .

    Regardless of how the meeting went with number of votes etc can the entirety of this meeting be declared invalid .

    Clearly there are 3 units (us) vrs 5 units ( them), but out of the 5 units side one owner had two 2 proxys we still would have lost on voting ,but I am livid that my opinion was dismissed by two professional strata managers.

    Towards also at the end of the meeting the ‘3 units side’ ( us) were dismissed out of strata committee (EC) and secretarial role and that I’m livid also … we now have little say in the running of the building …hence I now request ‘meeting declared invalid ‘ due to unauthorised proxy farming ….when in fact they were told by me to both strata makers they were incorrect

    What are the chances of i asking meeting to be declared invalid??

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