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    Recently I received a notice to comply from my EC because I was hanging my washing on a clothes horse… inside my unit.


    The by-laws in our building state that no laundry, bedding etc can be hung where it’s visible from outside the building, except on clothes lines provided by the owners corp. But the thing is, there are no clothes lines in my building!!


    So people are forced to use electric clothes dryers or just hang their washing inside their unit and let it air dry over a few days. Given the price of power and how un-environmentally friendly clothes dryers are, I have been hanging my washing on clothes horses and placing it near the balcony door (which is made of rectangle panels of glass) where the washing gets some sun.


    My unit is on the second floor, and the only way you could see the laundry is by peering out of the windows of other units facing mine (part of the same complex). My unit doesn’t face the street, and overlooks a “courtyard” with some lock up garages.


    I know the whole laundry by law debate is very sensitive for some people, but this seems a little heavy handed doesn’t it? I’ve ignored the notice so far.

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