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    Hello again, We have an apartment (12 yrs old) in Sydney, we have notice in the last couple of months mould starting to appear on an external wall at the corner of the building. It is definitely getting worse week by week. It appears the “dampness” causing the mould is coming through the external wall. Is this something Strata would be responsible for or is this an owners responsibility?

    Cheers in advance. Kev.

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    External wall

    Definitely OC responsibility as they are responsible for maintaining the common property.

    Report it to the committee or the Strata Manager

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    Lady Penelope
    Lady Penelope

    Contact the Committee via the Strata Manager and send in photos and a plan of your Lot showing the problem area.

    Check also whether there are pipes in the wall or ceiling above the problem area that may be leaking. If a pipe is leaking and the pipes only service your Lot then generally you are responsible.

    Check also whether this is an internal condensation problem. If it is then it is your responsibility.

    If none of the above is appropriate and if the building is a brick and mortar building then either the positive side or the negative side of the wall may need remedial water proofing. Bricks and mortar are porous.

    Don’t let the OC employ a handyman to do this work as this type of problem can be made worse by lack of expertise. You will need a professional waterproofing company to assess and remediate. Negative side waterproofing is possible through high pressure polyurethane injection into the cracks in the wall.

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