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    I’m one owner in a 2 strata unit in N.S.W. Both my phone lines and the other owner’s (Z’s )phone lines have their control box in a storage area in my garage on my lot and seem to have been there since the place was built. The owner’s previous to me of my lot were relatives of the other owners Z and did not mind leaving the inside entrance to both their garage and their store room open all the time to allow the Z owners access all the time. I am not related to Z and am not happy doing this as I have some personal mementos in there and other things. Consequently Z wants to move his phone lines out of my lot to the hub so if I am in hospital or overseas he can get access. However quotes for this work go from $5000 to an unpredictable amount depending on any unforseen difficulties the workmen find. I do not have any need to move my phone lines but have been asked to foot the bill for half?

    Am I obliged to foot half the bill when there is no benefit to me at all, in fact quite the opposite as far as money goes?

    Is there some previous legal case that supports my case and where do I find it?

    Who do I go to to get the history of this control box?

    Also when I bought the place there was a new strata plan number. What leads to stratas changing one strata plan number to another?

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