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    Hi I live in a modest studio apartment worth around $500-$550k   , its very well located but an old building , my gripe is the blatant rip-off of $15k a year in fees, there is work being done, but nothing has been done in over 2 years and we are all still paying these fees, I cant afford to sell it as the market is down and who would want to move into a unit with those kind of fees, the block next door pay around $650-$800 a quarter, while i pay almost $1,500 a month, I am broken and beaten and feel useless to do a thing about it, we have had many strata managers trying ti solve it and nothing is still being done. Any advice, I am actually at the point of calling FOUR CORNERS to see if they could investigate this, If I move out and rent, the rent would not cover the levies, and if labor gets in I will be punished if I decide to purchase another dwelling to move out into. A country that encourages hard work so you can prosper in retirement is now becoming a distant dream. I am lost and unsure what to do next ! And feel I may have to move interstate or leave the country just to get ahead! FML.

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