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    Noticed two workers surveying our strata building last week. Strata Manager had no knowledge of this. Hence there was no permission  for this to happen.

    What are the laws pertaining to an apartment owner or anyone for that fact, ordering a survey of Strata land?

    And can a Surveying company take on a job without Verification of a Strata work order or ownership of land?

    Hope you can provide some help, looking how to start approaching this.

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    Surveyors are engaged by many people and organisations for varying purposes. Perhaps a neighbour wants to establish their property border in order to place a fence on its correct line.

    Whilst a surveyor generally can’t come onto your land without your permission, someone would have engaged these people and given them permission (rightly or wrongly)

    It’s up to the person or organization that engaged these surveyors to pay them. If your strata say they didn’t engage them,¬† then someone else will pay.

    Maybe you are reading too much into this event.

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