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    In Queensland we currently see:

    Owners being defamed/spoken about/written and bad mouthed in Minutes by the BCM, caretakers and committees when they speak out about committee breaches of the Act.

    Next, committees use body corp funds to legally pursue Owners who refuse to back down from the principles of law. In other words, BC funds are Owners funds and our funds are used against us, and to sue us, and to intimidate us etc. This is so wrong!

    Then often the Body Corp & Community Management (BCCM) Commissioner’s Adjudicators backs the lawyers version (even when it is untrue) and agrees with the unlawful committee, even when individual Owners are in the right! This seems to happen often, and may be because lawyers are connected to the Attorney General’s office and so is the BCCM….they collude.

    How do we fix this unfair situation when the legal industry is hell bent on making a buck at any Owner’s expense?

    OR, can we develop a list of NAME & SHAME those who collude, and do wrong by Owners?

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