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    On the NBN website, my apartment is listed as being NBN ready, but the building is not. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

    I have emailed NBN and received a robot answer. I’m so confused as we have a 2 apartment block therefore we are the OC (neighbours are useless getting anything done but happy for us to do anything!). The alarms and lift will need to be NBN connected at some point. Can anyone please explain this to me in simple language? (Apologies if this has been asked and answered, for some reason I could not use the search box in the forums).



    I can help with an answer.

    NBN has to be one of the hardest companies to get to speak to a person. Most of the choices when you dial them point to their website.

    BUT I persisted and spoke yesterday to a very helpful lady. I had specific questions about an apartment block.

    When they say that you are NBN ready, it means that NBN is available in your street.

    In normal circumstances the cables (for apartment blocks its optical cable) and the termination equipment should be installed by NBN. I was told that there are reasons why sometimes it is not (some of the reason she were pretty lame and explains why NBN is costing so much).

    I was advised that despite the termination equipment not being installed, one should contact your NBN provider of choice and place an order for your new service. The provider will come out and discover that the termination equipment is not installed. They then ask NBN to come back and install the missing equipment, and all will be good.

    I haven’t tested this yet, but seemed plausible.


    With NBN construction there’s 2 components, the construction of the connections that get the line to the point of use, such as an apartment in a building, and the construction of the network in the street. What’s been happening is the connection to point the of use is built first and the network lags behind.
    This is probably what’s happened here although it seems odd to tell you your building is not ready while the apartment is because they are connected on the same haul in. It may be due to the services in the building requiring additional connections to ensure continuity for emergencies.

    There’s 2 ways to look at it, contact your chosen service provider to get the connection to the apartment, they see the connection isn’t there and report back to NBN for rectification, or try NBN directly and hope you get through.

    Service providers should tell NBN the connection to the apartment isn’t suitable. There’s minimum standards that are required for connection.

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    We had FTTC (Fibre to the curb) so existing phone lines used from nearest street pit to each apartment.

    We had our lift service company upgrade the lifts, which involves I understand, putting in mobile phone connections. If your alarms are monitored, I would contact that provider for upgrade advice.


    Apoarently neither our building, street or suburb has NBN or is NBN ready according to NBN and a few ISPs.

    This is despite me and a few others in the building getiing the NBN connected last year.

    I enjoy asking my ISP how that is possible when they call to put me on the NBN waitlist.

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